Dienstag, 15. November 2011

TWD: Bittersweet Brownies

The very last Brownies - and maybe the best (at least of the brownie recipes since I joined TWD)
They are fudgy, but not too much, and pure chocolat delight.

I followed the recipe exactly as written in Dorie's book on p.90. If you don't have the book (you should!!) got to Leslie's blog Lethally Delicious. She picked the Bittersweet Brownies for this week's TWD.

As we have double-hostings in this in the following month, Jessica of Cookbook Habit chose Alsatian Apple Tart (page 314 in the book). As I am horrified by tarte-doughs I didn't dare to do it. But I am a bit sorry for it, because I spent my exchange semester in Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace. And as much as I am afraid of doing tartes, I like eating them equivalently. Have a look here how it did turn out for all the other bakers!

PS.: Sorry, I have absolutely not a single good picture of them. Just imagine wonderful, soft, chocolate-ey brownies and you got a picture :o]

3 Kommentare:

  1. Brownies look good!! And tart dough is NOT hard. Not Dorie's anyway. You will just have to roll up your sleeves and dive in, Ja?

  2. Any picture of brownies is gorgeous! :)
    Yours look delightfully fudgy!!

  3. These really were pure chocolate delight. And don't be afraid of the tart dough! If I can make it, anyone can!