Dienstag, 20. August 2013

TWD: Johnny Cake Cobbler

I like Cobblers of any style. Despite I have no idea, why this one is called "Johnny Cake" Cobbler (is a Johnny Cake something I should know? As so often I am just desperate when it comes to american baking knowledge) - in the end i don't mind because I liked it.

It is easy in the making, as all cobblers, and great in taste, just the right mix between fruit and dough. I went almost exactly with the recipe (used only peaches, no plums) and made four individual cobblers in soufflé molds. They were served with some mango sorbet leftovers (not in the pictures, sorry).

Do it! It's great!
For the recipe, have a look at p. 389 in Dorie Greenspans book.

Dienstag, 6. August 2013

TWD: Eastern Mediterranean Pizza

 Great Pizza, easy dough!

The base for this pizza is a pita bread. For a yeasted bread I thought it's relatively easy to handle, two rising/resting periods not more. That's ok.

The Eastern Mediterranean Pizza comes with a tomato topping, some pine nuts and a lot of spices. I added some goat cheese, omitted the lamb (no meat in this house) and gave it some zucchini instead.

I made half the recipe and ended up with for smaller pizzas, just enough for four people for a soccer-
watching-snack. I had some dough-leftovers which I mixed up wit fresh spices and made plain mini-pitas from it (sorry, no pictures). Both - the pizza and the pitas - were really great in taste, even the day after.

Baking time was a bit longer than in the recipe, but maybe the 7,8 mins in the recipe would have even been enough.

To find out about the reciep, have a look at Dorie Greenspans book on p. 156!