Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

TWD: Ginger-Jazzed Brownies

If you like ginger and if you like chocolate this is the perfect recipe for you!
These Ginger-Jazzed Brownies, chosen for this week's TWD by Hindy of Bubie’s Little Baker are not very fudgy, but a bit more soft than really cake-like brownies.
For my taste preferences, they could have been even a bit more moisty. And even a bit more ginger-y.

I am a ginger-lover since some years now, therefore I was very much looking forward to this recipe, and didn't get dissappointed. I dressed them up a bit with a chocolate glaze and some chopped candied ginger.

I wonder if you could swap the corn syrup for honey and the chocolate glaze for lemon glaze as both are usually a good flavour combo with ginger. Next time, I'll try these changes!

For the recipe turn to Hindie's page or have a look into Dorie's book on p. 101.