Dienstag, 23. August 2011

TWD: Golden Brioche Loaves

I love doing brioche! Generally, I am more into breakfast treats, cookies and viennoiserie than torte loaded with cream.

For doing the brioche, you need some time because it has to rest and rise over night, and you have to give the dough some "treatments" from time to time. But it's oh so worth the fuzz!

I use a hand-mixer and this recipe was almost too much for it. At the very end of the mixing I was afraid it could overheat. I guess 1 more minutes and it would have happened. But lucky me - everything went find.
The recipe itself is not difficult. Go to Margie's page "Tea and Scones", who did choose this one for this week's TWD, or have a look into Dorie's book on pp. 48-50. I made a loaf and some typical shaped brioche.

The hardest part is maybe that you have to wait for one hour until you are allowed to taste it! I went out and had a jogg, to keep me away from it! Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to resist the delicious smell...

Just a quick word on the recipe: I make brioche from time to time, and I am not always in the condition of having this much time to prepare the dough. I foudn another recipe in Ginet Mathiot's "I know how to cook" (something like the "french bible of cooking" - seriously, I gues you will find it in every home!) You need about the same ingredients in the same quantity for it, but can do it in one day.