Dienstag, 14. April 2015

TWD: Limoncello Cupcakes

My colleague has relatives in Sicily and goes there two or three times a year. Last autumn he brought back so many lemons that he made tons and gallons of marmelade and limoncello. The best limoncello you can imagine! I got a bottle from him and almost everything is gone, but some tablespoons where left - just enough for these Limoncello Cupcakes.

They are gorgeous. They are great. I followed the recipe as written and ended up with 18 cupcakes. There could have been more frosting for topping them more excessively. But they are also pretty like that - and honestly spoken: I am not such a big fan of cupcakes as I don't like the excessive buttercream on top. So - for me the amount of topping was perfect, but if you like little mountains of frosting you should raise the quantity.

Not much more to say about it. They taste great (at least if you are into lemon-taste). It was my first time I piped some frosting (usually I only spread it) and for my first attempt I am pretty happy with the result.

For the recipe, have a look at Dorie Greenspans book "Baking chez moi" on p 194. And to find out if the rest of the group did like it as much as me - have a look here!