Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

TWD rewind: Marshmallows

This is a long-term rewind!
I did remember having seen Marshmallows on the "Completed Recipes"-list. In fact, it was scheduled for the week of 15.4.
It was chosen by Judy from Judy's Gross Eats.

As I am not American, Marshmallows are not part of my (culinary) cultural heritage. The thing most similar to it is "Mäusespeck" (mice ham, in english), this pink and white fluffy something. Children usually like it, and so did I, but I lost sight of them when I grew up. My godchild also liked them a lot when he was younger. But nobody would roast them, put them in hot chocolat or use it for icecream in my latitude.

And for sure I never ever thought it would be possible to to them at home. I thought of Marshmallows as something extremely artificial, synthetic. Something produced in large ugly companies by completeing lots of unhealthy chemistry.

You can imagine my astonishment when I found the recipe in Dorie's book?
Meanwhile I found another one in David Lebovitz' wonderful icecream-book, the Perfect Sccop.

As I had eggwhites left over and one the friends always complains when I bring some examples of my baking adventures for tasting ("I don't like cookies. I don't like chocolate. I hate cakes! You never have something for ME!" - Uhm, pretty hard to do, as she only likes gummy bears and, yes, marshmallows).
So - I made them.
And it was real fun to do!!

When they where "solide" (as solid as marsmallows can and should be) I made rectangles of them, but I also used some biscuit cutters and made a few  pigs and lambs and Eiffel towers.

I loved doing it! It's a bit a mess, but I can imagine that doin it with children is a lot of fun!

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