Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

TWD: My favourite pecan pie

This weeks recipe was chosen by Beth from Someone's in the kitchen with Brina.

She opted for a pecan pie ("My favourite Pecan Pie", p. 327 in Baking: From my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan). In the last weeks I found out that I love pies but I have some trouble getting them right. The dough never does what it should, even if it is a simple, easy dough. For me, something like an easy pie/tarte dough doesn't exist, obviously...
Anyways, I love nuts, so I was looking forward to baking this pie very much!!

As so often, I had difficulties with the ingredients: Corn syrup doesn't exist in Austria (but I found out that it can be exchanged for simple sugar water; I started to use sugar water wiht a bit of agave syrup), and pecans can be bought, but they are very expensive. Therefore, I took ordinary walnuts instead, as they are very similar. Hope it doens't make a difference...

So, I prebaked the crust on Sunday and assembled the pie late Monday in the evening. 

Tomorrow (or today for those who are on the strict side...), we have a Christmas lunch for the "youngsters" at the office and I promised to bring pies. I will take the chocolate cheese cake which is scheduled for next week (I know - that's not strictly to the rules, but I will have no time next week and nobody to eat it, so I had to bake it already this week), and two little pecan (walnut) pies. I took half the ingredients and made two small pies.
I have no idea what they taste like. But I stole some chocolate-nuts from the top (some that were  a bit too burned) and they tasted pretty good!

So, cross your fingers for my two pies tomorrow!

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  1. I like your mini pies, and I think walnuts would be good. I used glucose syrup instead of corn syrup.