Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

TWD: Nutella Buttons

To start with: I ran out of Nutella (or any other chocolate spread). As it is Sunday, and in Austria shops are closed on Sundays - I quickly decided that these little Nutella Buttons will also be good filled with marmelade.

I used lemon marmelade I had left over and black butter, a typical apple-spice-spread from the Channel Island. For the decoration I went with Dorie's recommendation and used white chocolate.

The lemon-chocolate-combo is great! I had no taste of the ones I made with black butter. But I am pretty sure they are as great as the others!

I can imagine them very well with nutella or chocolate, but I guess any spread is fine. I used mini-muffin-tins (mine hold about 2 teaspoons of batter). Next time I would use even smaller ones - just fot the looks. I think they would be even prettier as "one-biters" :-)

For the recipe, have a look at Dorie's great book at p 188, and don't forget to stop by the groups page to see what the rest of us made out of this recipe!

3 Kommentare:

  1. yum-- I think a any jam would be good in this. black butter sounds delicious!

  2. Good for you to improvise and have them turn out so well! Small world…my mother-in-law is from Austria!

  3. This recipe is versatile! They definitely would be cute smaller - I had to use a regular size tin.