Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

TWD: Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie

The second icecream-recipe this month!
I took the easy way and combined them. Instead of chocolate icecream, as in the original recipe, I used the Burnt Sugar Icecream (and some Dulche de Leche Icecream) - Bananas and Caramel go together well in my opinion, so I also decorated the pie with some caramel sauce (what is hard to see in the pictures due to the similar coclours).
I am the coconut-lover type, be it in savory dishes or sweets, shredded, toasted or as milk and juice.
But, to make it short: I liked this icecream pie, but it is not going to become an all-time-favourite. The crust was to buttery and fat, and there was not as much flavour on the whole as there should be. Maybe my bananas where not ripe enough. Or maybe the caramel icecream was not such a good idea in the end. Who knows.
Additionally, I always, always, always tend to make the "crust" too thick, be it for a tart or as here the pie. The relation between crust and filling was not appropriate, even though I really love the "crust" and can imagine to also use it with other recipes.

On the plus-side: It is easy to be made (especially with store-bought icecream), and can be assembled way ahead and stored for a longer time. I even re-fridged a part of it with the banana-topping on it and have the feeling it was alright.

For the recipe, go to Spike's homepage, who selected the Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie, or have a look on page 350 in Dorie's book.
P.S.: One of my friends said: "Uh, yummy, this muesli is not all too bad!" - but for some people everything that involves anything slightly healthy (as nuts - and coconutflakes do count in this book) is muesli....

8 Kommentare:

  1. We loved it! It has so many possibilities.

  2. love the second picture!
    I did a twd rewind...lenox biscotti... b/c bananas/coconut are not my thing :)

  3. Ich stimme zu. Die crust hat zu viel Butter gehabt und war fettig. Dieser Nachtisch war mein Lieblings auch nicht.

  4. Inspired idea to use the Burnt Sugar Ice Cream!

  5. Ciao ! I think that we europeans have to dimish the butter in Dorie's recipes because american butter is less fat. Anyway I love how your pie came out !

  6. Love the caramel drizzled on the banana slices, and your pie looks really good!

  7. I think bananas and caramel are a much better combination that bananas and chocolate! Your pie looks great!

  8. I think you're on to something with your flavor picks. Caramel and banana are definitely a winning combination! This crust would have to be the unhealthiest muesli ever!