Montag, 17. Mai 2010

TWD: Apple-Apple Bread Pudding

I know "pudding" in english and in german isn't the same. But despite some british Christmas Pudding, which I have to say I am not a particular fan of, I never had or saw one. So I thought all puddings are like that. But when I read this recipe I thought, well, that all sounds familiar. Very familiar. And after some net-search for pictures of this recipe I was sure: Bread pudding, or at least Apple-Apple Bread Pudding, is very, very well-known in Austria - just with another name, for sure.

"Scheiterhaufen" (what translates to "stake" - yes, stake, no lost in translation...) is a very common dish, especially with school cafeterias. It's considered to be a smash-up meal, although I think in fact it isn't anymore, but I guess it used to, as it is a way to use old white bread, and apples are to be found en masse everywhere. So it also was kind of a cheap dish. And very often, in schools and at universities it is served on Fridays instead of fish. (Austria has a very catholic tradition, and despite it doesn't really influence most people's life - at least much less than in the States!! - but some habits never dissappear...)

 (unfortunately, not a picture of my Apple Bread Pudding, but a Scheiterhaufen by - looks familiar, huh?)

In Austria, we have a lot of warm sweet dishes that are served as main courses, and "Scheiterhaufen" is one of them. The only difference is that some people serve it with raisin and/or nuts (classical accompaniment for apples), but both is optional. Usually, it is served with a vanilla sauce that is slightly thinner than a Crème Anglaise. In German we call it "Kanarimilch", but don't expect any German to understand it - it is a very Viennes word... (it would translate to "canary milk", due to the colour, but for sure it is much less yellow than a canary)

So this is a big childhood-memory. And a very good one.
I tried Scheiterhaufen once but failed completely. As so often, I have to credit Dorie for her great recipes. And Elizabeth of Cake or Death? who picked the recipe for this week's TWD form Dorie's book (pages 408 and 409).

Today, I am happy, because I just had my test piece, and it turned out wonderful, exactly as it should be.

But don't ask for yesterday. Yesterday was the first day I tried to make it. It took me ages to caramelize the apples (no idea why). I had too less brioche (or ate too much of it...). When I finally found a pan for the pudding, I forgot it 5 minutes afterwards and buttered the wrong pan. My sugar went slightly dense, and then splashed out all of a sudden - much more than needed, for sure. And it splashed on the counter and there on the open package of butter. Salted butter - yes please. Sugared butter? Urks. Two eggs didn't seperate correctly, one I "spread" over the counter, so I had to start anew. When I mixed together the milk and the cream I realized that my pan was already completely full with the brioche and the apples. And then, with the sugar on the butter, a buttered pan nobody needed, milk and cream just shortly before burning, and only about one hour left before I had to leave to a friend's (who I promised to bring the pudding), I accepted that it is not bread-pudding-making day.

So I turned of the gas, covered the pan with the brioche-apple-mix to put in the the fridge, tried to clean up the mess, took out the Banana Coconut Icecream Pie I already made for the next TWD-week, and went to my friends house to see the traditional Sunday crime series. Icecream is right at the moment not really appropriate in Vienna - we see the coldest and rainiest May since ages. But I didn't wanted to arrive barehanded.

But the luckier I am today, after my second attempt to finish the recipe. Apple Bread Pudding sounds and tastes a bit like autumn, and that's just what I see when I look out the window...
Thanks to Elizabeth for a wonderful childhood memory - and for sure, this recipe is way better than any Scheiterhaufen I ever had at the cantine!

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  1. Your pudding looks delicious, and how neat that there is a similar Austrian one! Glad it all went better the second day of baking! You're very organized to have had a spare dessert in the freezer.

  2. The second picture with the powdered sugar is calling my name. Looks so good!

  3. Es freut mich dass diese "bread pudding" hat Ihnen gut geschmeckt und dazu bringt Ihnen eine gute Erinnerung.

  4. i love the words you use "smash up meal". too cute!