Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

TWD: Honey-Wheat Cookies

(This is again a blog I pre-wrote - still on the road. Today I have to go home, buhu...)

Michelle of Flourchild decided on Honey-Wheat Cookies for this week's TWD (find the recipe in the book on page 81, or on her page).

To make it short - I had no idea where to get wheat germ or what exactly this should even be. I decided to use spelt instead. So I have no idea what the cookies should actually be like. I just can say that mine turned out fabulous!

(rolled Honey-Wheat/Spelt cookies and flattened balls)

I halved the recipe and everything went so perfectly - this was really my most untroubled TWD-recipe ever! I made the batter the day before and chilled it over night. No measuring problems, no dark brown (a.k.a. black and burned) bottom (I started to use two baking sheets, that seems to help). I even got exactly the amount of cookies the recipe stated (18 cookies for half the batter). Wonderful! This is, I guess, what it should always be like when your baking abilities are better than mine!
Maybe I would be a little more reluctant with the lemon zest next time, but that's really only a very, very small fly in the ointment...

5 Kommentare:

  1. Glad they worked out! I liked them ok, not a favorite, but they were pretty good

  2. Oooo, yours look great...chewy and crunchy. I liked these, but my hubby didn't.

  3. They look good. Girl you can find Wheat germ in any store usually by the oatmeal and cereal section! You made me laugh.
    Thank you for baking with me this week. Im glad this recipe was so easy for you!

  4. the texture looks great in these!

  5. Love the color on your cookies. fun to hear what people use as subs for things each week, I am learning a lot from that!