Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

I got a cup measure for birthday!! Yeah!!!

It's not one of these fancy multiple-spoon-matryoshka-eske tools, but an ordinary measuring cup. But it's all I need, and it even measures liquid ounces! Maybe, when I will be in Washington/NY the coming weeks I will look for a spoon-measure for table- and tea-spoons, but this is not implicitly necessary.

I am so much looking forward to next week-end when I will bake with my all new cup measure for the first time! Things will become so easy!! (but when somethings going wrong, now I will have one excuse less...)

3 Kommentare:

  1. Good for you! And, Happy Birthday! So what did you use for measurements before?
    You're so lucky to be living in Vienna - beautiful city. I've been there once, many years ago and intend to return for a visit someday.
    Thanks for stopping by and bake on!!

  2. Thank God that you no longer have to do further conversions! Aside from World Peace, I vote for standardized measurements in worldwide recipes!! Wouldn't it be nice?!
    Nice feedback on my latest entry; appreciate it. Best wishes to you in your new undertaking!

  3. Looking good. Can't wait to see what you can make with that fancy measuring cup.