Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Decisions, choices, options - revisited

I made a decision.
Yeah, really, I am serious, no joke!

And I did not have to flip my "yes-no"-coin. I decided myself. All alone. Like a grown-up girl. Be proud of me...

First I eliminated the tarte, as the text says it is not good to store it. I don't think I will habe time Tuesday or Wednesday to make it. I will have to do it tomorrow. So, no tarte for this week.
Then I thought it's the grandmothers cake, because there is such a long and nice storie with it. But honestly, this is not ment to be made for birthdays.

The last days I was convinced that it should be the apple-cheesecake. But today I granted myself half of a Cadbury's bar I found at home (no idea how I could have forgotten about...). Cadbury's, Hersheyetc.  and all that are not common in my country. Some can be bought at very expansive luxury-supermarkets in the inner-city. But most can only be found at special stores serving the american/english community in Vienny. That's to say, at the only of such stores we have... (despite you work for the UN, as at the UN headquarter there is a shop where you can get like anything from everywhere in the world. But I don't, so I never so this shop and know it only by mythical stories by former class mates, as my school was not too far away from the UN, and we had many "UN-children"m or by some friends who happened to work there for some time). I had my first Reeses peanutbutter-cup about three weeks ago. Imagine that.

Well, I am deviating from what I wanted to say.
I opened this Cadbury's bar, a "Star Bar", made of a lot of peanut butter with little pieces of peanuts in the center, enrobed with caramel, and finished by milk chocolate. Despite the fact that I usually do not like milk chocolate too much, this was a perfect match. Really.

And at this point I knew, even if I am afraid of making a brownie cake, because I never made brownies before and don't know if I can handle it, I will have to got for it. Chocolate, caramel, peanuts. That's all I need.
(pictures are taken from Chocablog)

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